Newton Place Surgery has almost 19,000 patients and over 70 members of staff, some of whom undertake home visits and/ or live outside of Faversham, so you can imagine the high demand for parking.

We have always had signs in place informing people that it was a private car park, but unfortunately these signs continue to be ignored. We often witness people parking in the car park and walking into town; patients parking in staff parking spaces; and patients without a disability parking in the disabled bays. Because of this abuse of our car park our doctors, staff and disabled patients have not been able to find a space on many occasions.

The Practice uses Smart Parking Ltd and they in turn, have an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system in operation in our car park. We found the introduction of the ANPR system necessary to deter unauthorised use of the car park by people who are not genuinely attending the practice.

We do not receive any money from the parking charges. Our priority is to ensure that those who are entitled to, can get parked


Published: Aug 8, 2022