Changes to our Car Park




From Monday 11th March, Newton Place Surgery will be using a new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to help us to manage the car park.

We have found the re-introduction of the ANPR system necessary in order to deter unauthorised use of the car park from people who are not attending the practice.

Disabled patients, or those with mobility issues will be able to continue to use our disabled parking spaces. Please note: The system does not recognise Blue Badges, vehicle registration details will still need to be entered onto the tablets situated on the reception desk.

If using the self-check in screen for your appointment, you will still need to enter your vehicle registration details onto one of the tablets situated on the reception desk. You will need to repeat this process during each visit to the practice.

The drop off spaces are for drop off and collection only, they are not for parking. Please use the other car parks close to the practice; Institute Car Park, by the Library which is £1.30 for an hour and Central Car Park by the Swimming Pool, which is also £1.30 for an hour.

Please note, if you receive a parking charge notice, Newton Place Surgery cannot get involved in any appeals. The details of the appeals process will be on the charge received. The practice does not make any money from the parking charges. Our priority is to ensure that our patients visiting the practice are able to get parked.

The system is also active evenings and weekends. Any parking charges for this times will still stand. It is a private car park.



Who are the pick-up and drop-off spaces for?

These spaces are for dropping patients to their appointment and for collecting them after. They are not intended for people to sit and wait in their cars for patients to have their appointments. You will receive a Parking Charge Notice if you do this.

What are the rules around visiting the pharmacy?

During the week you will have 15 minutes to visit the pharmacy and at weekends it is 25 minutes. Any time longer than this will result in a parking charge notice.

The practice is not able to cancel charges and we cannot get involved in the appeals process, nor can the pharmacy. It is your responsibility not to go over this time if you do decide to park.

Who are the disabled spaces for?

These spaces are not only for those who have a Blue Badge, but also those who may have mobility issues, unable to walk too far because of being very unwell, and those bringing these patients to their appointments if the patient needs to be accompanied for the duration of their visit to the surgery. For example, if you were bringing a relative who had dementia to an appointment, we would not expect you to drop them off while you park elsewhere.

I am disabled/unable to walk far and there are no disabled spaces left, where can I park?

In this instance, we would recommend using a pick-up/drop-off space. Please do remember to make this known to reception and enter your registration details. Please do not park in the Staff area.

Who polices the car park?

If we find that the car park continues to be abused, we have the facility to issue tickets ourselves. We would like to hope that our patients understand the reasons why we need to manage the car park, allowing our very unwell and disabled patients to park when they visit, and also so our home-visiting clinicians can park when they return from their visits.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Published: Mar 5, 2024