Advice Before Coil Fitting




Please read this before your coil fitting appointment:

  • DO NOT STOP your current method of contraception unless you have been told to do so. Please clarify with the fitting doctor when to stop it; however, usually it is to be continued until one week after fitting.
  • Make sure you have read/watched the video about IUD and/or IUS. Anything you are not sure about should be discussed with the doctor before you come for the fitting. Please make a telephone appointment for this if necessary.
  • If you think you may be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection please contact Kent Sexual Health on 0300 790 0245 for a full screen prior to any fitting.
  • If you are under 25 years old then you can get a free chlamydia self-screening test at reception where you will be texted with the result. If the result is negative ask to book for a coil fitting with the doctor. If the result is positive you will need to see the doctor for a short course of antibiotics and checks before fitting.

On The Day Of The Procedure

  • No children are to attend the appointment.
  • Do not arrange to have your coil fitted if you have an important commitment the same day (in case you feel uncomfortable afterwards and/or need to stay in the surgery for a while after the fitting).
  • Have something to eat before you come, this will make you less likely to feel faint during and after the fitting.
  • To help with the discomfort take some painkillers either 2 Ibuprofen (400mg in total) OR 3 Paracetamol (1500mg in total) after food an hour before you come.
  • The doctor will try to fit the device you as for but sometimes other factors such as your anatomy and medical history may mean she has to advise something different.
  • We ask you to use sanitary towels (not tampons) for the first week after the fitting.
  • After the fitting you should continue to use the pill / condoms / abstain for 1 week.
  • No smears will be done at the time of the coil insertion. This can be done at the 6 week coil check.
  • For patients who have recently give birth, no coil fittings will generally be carried out until 3 months post-natal due to the slightly higher risk of uterine perforation.

Newton Place is a training practice. This means that there may sometimes occasionally be a qualified doctor who may be male or female working alongside the Newton Place Practice doctor at your appointment