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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

If you are considering HRT, please visit My Menopause Centre website and complete the questionnaire, this will help when it comes to discussing with a GP.

There is also a symptom checker which has explanations of all symptoms where you can find information about the symptom, how many women experience it and how to treat it. You can also use the blood pressure and weight machines in our surgery reception area.

woman holding medication and phone


How we carry out our annual HRT reviews is changing.

You will now receive an SMS to complete a questionnaire for tour HRT review, this will allow us to review your answers and ensure your prescription remains suitable and safe for the next year.

  • If we need to discuss your answers, you will be sent a link to book an appointment, either face to face or by telephone.
  • If you prefer a face to face appointment, these will remain available to book, please call the surgery to do so. 

Menopause Information & Help

You can see other support services for women going through the menopause below: