Suggestions and Complaints




The practice welcomes both positive and negative feedback to help us monitor and improve the services we offer to our patients.



It is helpful to everyone at Newton Place to hear about positive healthcare experiences and what works well at the surgery. This engagement promotes the morale, staff retention and satisfaction -especially when we are putting significant effort into developing new services in a challenging ever changing NHS environment. It creates a positive cycle whereby the acknowledgement encourages even better service to our community. Your compliments are appreciated.



We always try to provide the best possible service, but there may be times when you feel that this has not happened. If this is the case, please telephone, write or email the practice giving full details of the complaint.

Our practice procedure is unable to deal with questions of legal liability or compensation.

We hope that you would use the system to allow us to look into and, if necessary, correct any problems that you have identified or any mistakes that have been made. If you use the practice based complaints process it will not affect your right to complain to the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman.

We have to respect our duty of confidentiality to patients and their consent will be necessary if a complaint is made by someone else on their behalf.

In all cases we will acknowledge complaints within 3 working days of their receipt and we will endeavour to respond to all issues raised within 2 weeks. More complex and some multi disciplinary issues may take longer to resolve in which case we will regularly update you on progress until a final response can be produced.

The response will include an explanation of what happened, an apology if a mistake was made, and details of any necessary action that will be taken as a result of the complaint.

If you would like to make an official complaint, please contact the Assistant Practice Manager Chris Calver

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