Past Studies





The early use of Antibiotics for 'at Risk' CHildren with InfluEnza

The ARCHIE study aimed to determine whether early treatment with an antibiotic (co-amoxiclav) would help 'at risk' children with influenza/influenza-like illness feel better more quickly and prevent complications. 'At risk' children included those with medical conditions that make them more likely to need treatment in hospital if they get flu, such as diabetes, lung, liver, kidney or genetic conditions and cancer, among others. The clinical trial indicated there was no evidence of difference between children given co-amoxiclav and those given a placebo. The findings therefore do not support early co-amoxiclav use in children with influenza or influenza-like illness.

ARCHIE is no longer recruiting.



At Risk Registers Integrated into primary care to Stop Asthma crises in the UK

ARRISA-UK was a randomised controlled trial of GP practice staff training and high risk patient identification and flagging to reduce the occurrence of severe asthma related events. In this study design it is the GP practice that is randomised. The study intervention is to provide online training for GPs, nurses and reception staff in managing care for asthma patients identified as being at the highest risk of having a severe event (hospitalisation or death); often this involves prioritising all patient interactions with practice staff to maximise the utility of care opportunities to assess and improve the patient's asthma status.

ARRISA is no longer recruiting, though as a surgery we found this incredibly helpful to daily care. We have implimented risk stratification to reduce hospital admissions.


Relieve IBS-D

This study looked at the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhoea (IBS-D). The primary objective of the study was to test the effectiveness of a treatment called Enterosgel compared with a placebo in terms of patient reported outcomes for stool consistency and abdominal pain.

Closed as of April 2021. Newton Place successfully recruited 8 patients to take part in the trial.


Retrospective Survey of Prevention, Treatment, Occurrence and Outcomes of Covid-19 in the community

Newton Place Surgery asked patients to complete a survey run by the University of Southampton to help researchers understand how to beat Coronavirus. This online survey aims to inform the management of the Covid-19 pandemic by describing use of preventive behaviours, transmission to household contacts, occurrence of infections, the clinical features, use of treatments, and outcomes of people who have experienced suspected COVID-19 illness or any respiratory tract infection during the global pandemic, whether confirmed COVID-19 or not, and the preventive behaviours and treatments of those who have not experienced a suspected COVID-19 illness.

Closed as of April 2021.


Psychological Impact of Covid-19

To help increase our knowledge of how coronavirus and the changing restrictions have impacted mental health, patients were asked to complete a short, 15 minute questionnaire on how they are coping during the pandemic. The responses will be used to support our understanding of how mental health and wellbeing has been affected by the pandemic and also what may be helpful for people during this time. Newton Place was overwhelmed with the response rate for this research study and would like to thank all patients who took the time to participate.

Closed as of September 2021. Newton Place successfully recruited 1377 patients to take part in the trial.