Antibiotics for lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Children presenting in Primary Care in England

Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly serious public health problem and although trials among adults suggest a benefit for their prescription, research on children to either support or dispute the common use of antibiotics for chest infections is lacking. ARTIC-PC was a study designed to provide evidence to inform the management of chest infections in children. In particular, this study explored whether antibiotics are an effective treatment for children aged 6 months to 12 years to reduce the duration of symptoms.

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Remote COVID-19 Assessment in Primary Care

The RECAP project was a collaborative effort between the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, that aimed to develop a tool to assist primary care providers in the identification of COVID-19 patients who may be at risk of becoming severe. It also aimed to facilitate the early escalation of treatment in order to improve patient outcomes. Newton Place successfully recruited 13 patients to take part in the trial.

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Low Mood and Anxiety Clinic

Newton Place Surgery previously worked in partnership with P1vital Products Ltd, Canterbury Coastal CCG, the University of Kent and Mind on a research project funded by Innovate UK to provide a walk in clinic to patients registered with a Faversham GP practice for depression and anxiety. The project involved implementing a new service incorporating digital technology (i-spero®) within a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals with specialist training.

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Pharmacist detecting AF in primary care during the Influenza vaccination season

A multi-site, cross sectional feasibility pilot study

Patients aged 65 years or older, attending an influenza vaccination clinic at their practice, were invited to have their heart rhythm checked by the clinical pharmacist. This was to determine whether clinical pharmacists based within GP practices, were able to accurately and effectively screen and diagnose patients for AF, using pulse palpation and a single-lead ECG device. 


A process evaluation of how the routine vaccination programme is implemented at GP practices in England

The aim of this study was to undertake a comparative process evaluation of the implementation of the routine vaccination programme at GP practices in England. In 2017, staff at Newton Place were interviewed in relation to their role in vaccination programs. The data was subsequently published.

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Psychological Impact of Covid-19

To help increase our knowledge of how coronavirus and the changing restrictions have impacted mental health, patients were asked to complete a short, 15 minute questionnaire on how they are coping during the pandemic. The responses are being used to support our understanding of how mental health and wellbeing has been affected by the pandemic and also what may be helpful for people during this time. Newton Place was overwhelmed with the response rate for this research study and would like to thank all patients who took the time to participate. The Chief Investigator, Professor Shanaya Rathod, has a piece about the study published in the recent Vision magazine.