Older Adults



  • Age UK - Being worried, low or out of sorts aren't just part and parcel of geting older - they're important signs that you're not feeling as well as you should be. Our mental health affects how we think and feel, and how we cope with life's ups and downs. As we move through different stages of life and our circumstances change, our mental health can change too. 
  • Age UK Services
  • The Silver Line - Run by Age UK, a free, confidential telephone service for older people. They provide friendship, conversation and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Independent Age - Independent Age can provide you and your family with clear, free and impartial advice on the issues that matter: income, costs, community, and housing.
  • Food Friends - Tackling social isolation and loneliness in communities through food and friendship. A meal sharing initiative. Connecting those in a community who would otherwise never cross paths.
  • Careline 365 - Clubs and Activity Groups for the Elderly
  • Wellbeing Matters Plus - Wellbeing Matters Plus is a new service offering and developing community-based opportunities for individuals aged 55 plus, and adults with complex health needs, living in Ashford, Canterbury or Swale. They help people feel connected and less lonely, offering support to improve wellbeing and independence, whilst ensuring the individual's voice is heard and valued. Imago's experienced Coordinators will work with you on a one-to-one basis, to talk through your needs and interests and find the right activities for you.