Mental Health Social Prescribing




Newton Place Surgery is pleased to inform you all that we have Mental Health Social Prescribing Link Coordinators working within the practice.

The aim of the service is to help anyone ages 5+ who are being negatively impacted by their mental health. For example: anxiety, low mood, difficulties managing their thoughts, feelings or behaviour, support with impact from a distressing or traumatic event, struggling with family or peer relationships.

To achieve this, the service will provide a range of support as appropriate, including:

  • Refer and/or signpost to specialist services (community-based, national or online).
  • Provide strategies for individuals who present with low level mental health needs. This is often aimed at building confidence/resilience and preventing escalation of symptoms
  • Support individuals who have been referred to the mental health services or other specialist services whilst they are waiting for the specialist support to commence.
  • Support individuals who would benefit from a confidential safe place to express and explore their concerns or difficulties
  • Liaise with and support schools in making appropriate reasonable adjustments where school attendance is particularly difficult.
  • Help get them/you from where them/you are now to where they want to be, taking a holistic approach.
  • Help have more control over how they/you are feeling.
  • Everyone is different, has a different past, different life events, on a different path/journey so each session is really personal to the individual and is tailored that way.

Meet our Social Prescribers

If you feel this service could be of help to yourself or anyone aged 5+, you can use the online referral form:

Social Prescribing Referral Form

Or you can request a referral via the surgery's eConsult process.