Private Fees

*Normal turn around for reports/ letters etc. is 30 days, if anything is requested urgently an additional £25.00 is charged

In addition we offer some private medical services which are not available on the NHS, e.g. HGV Medicals, Insurance Medicals and reports. The doctors charge a fee for these services which you can see detailed below. For registered patients only (apart from Pre-employment medicals).

private fees


Private Patients

Private Sick Note £20.00 Consultation Doctor £45.00
Private Prescription £20.00 Consultation Nurse £25.00
Vaccination Certificate £20.00 Private Blood Test £30.00
Freedom from infection £20.00 Private Prescription £20.00
Fit to travel £20.00 Private ECG £60.00
Seat Belt Exemption £20.00

Fitness Medicals/letters*

Claim Forms*

Elderly driver fitness £50.00
Private Medical Insurance £30.00 Diabetic driver fitness £50.00
Travel Insurance £30.00 Fit to attend gym no medical £30.00

Medical Forms*

Fit to attend gym with medical £50.00
Power of Attorney £150.00 Fit for school letter £25.00
C'bury CC Uni Health Quest £10.00

Letter Reports for Companies*

Driving Licence Form £25.00 Long Report £55.00

Pre-employment medicals*

Short Report £30.00
HGV/LGV £125.00

Ad Hoc Patient Letters*

Swale Taxi Medical £125.00 Long Letter £35.00
Pre-employment Report only £115.00 Short Letter £25.00
Pre-employment Report & exam £170.00 Miscellaneous forms £30.00

Insurance Reports*

Travel Vaccines

GP Report £104.00 Hepatitis A Free
Full Medical & report £104.00 Typhoid Free
Supplementary report £24.10 Revaxis (Dip, Tet, Polio) Free