Patient Group Minutes of Meeting, Reports and Surveys

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Minutes of Meetings

PPG Minutes 3rd October 2019

PPG Minutes 8th August 2019

PPG Minutes 6th June 2019

PPG Minutes 4th April 2019

PPG Minutes 7th February 2019 


Newsletter / Update Reports

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Patient Survey 2019

The NHS England and the Newton Place Patient Surveys were discussed. Newton Place had good reviews on the NHS England Survey scoring above average percentages in most areas.

In the Newton Place Survey there were lots of comments and suggested areas for improvement such as:

  • Frail patients queueing for the urgent care clinic
  • Installing information screens
  • Advertising appointments available for NPS patients at Faversham Medical Practice and Estuary View Surgery at weekends
  • Routine appointments are usually available, on average, in 2 – 3 weeks; there would only be a 6 week wait if a patient is requesting to see a specific GP.
  • Books & toys are not available in reception due to infection control.

The Practice will draw up an action plan from the Patient Survey to present to the PPG at the next meeting.

The Staff will be given feedback from the survey and plans put in place. Overall the survey was felt to be positive and better than the previous one.